Prepping for your shoot.

I know that for a lot of you, booking a shoot is a big deal. Trust me, I completely understand how you feel! So I've put some tips together to help you feel more prepared and relaxed. Pick the location. Most people have their shoot at their yard which is perfect. But have a look... Continue Reading →

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“Your job is so easy”.

"You just stand there and click a button, it takes one second".  Someone said these exact words to me this week, not about me specifically thankfully, but boy did it wind me up. However with the brilliant quality of camera phones on the market these days, it's no surprise that this is what people think.... Continue Reading →

Naomi & General Knowledge.

If you don't recognise this pair then you can't pay much attention to my social media...! General Knowledge (Ginger to his friends) is a 15 year old thoroughbred who has been owned by Naomi since June 2009. Having 'known' Naomi through the equine community for years, we finally met at the end of 2017 and... Continue Reading →

Dani & Stirling

I had two shoots booked in for last Sunday and first up was Dani and her lovely boy Stirling. Dani is Naomi's best friend, and I'd met her a few times at Naomi's fun days over the summer. I'd heard plenty of stories about Stirling so was really looking forward to meeting the dude. Dani... Continue Reading →

Random acts of kindness.

I feel like this was a 'thing' a few years ago. I remember suddenly seeing a lot of posts going around social media about people who were doing random acts of kindness but as is everything on social media, it was a phase and soon fizzled out. It's one of those things that you see... Continue Reading →

Glamping in Wales.

Gorgeous wooden huts, breathtaking countryside and far away from the hussle and bussle of every day life. Sounds nice doesn't it? Well that is how I spent my weekend recently when I took a trip to Wales to give glamping a go. I've always liked the idea of glamping but had never gotten around to... Continue Reading →

My little pony.

I think everyone remembers their first pony, be that one they owned, loaned or rode at their local riding school. For me, my first pony was an adorable 11.1hh Welsh section A mare named Larch. She was the first pony I ever rode when I was 6, and I shared her for a fair few... Continue Reading →

My little Z.

I always start to feel nostalgic and a little emotional around this time each year when I think about my little field ornament, Zach. I've not shared much about him on my social media channels, but those of you who know us know that we've had quite the journey. I've known Zach since he was... Continue Reading →

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