Get to know me.

I’m back!

I haven’t touched my blog in a year, but after a busy summer I thought now would be a good time to kick-start it again. I’ve gained a fair few new followers in the last year, so thought I’d do a short post so you can get to know me.

1) My real name is Isabelle, but I never, ever get called it. I’ve been Izzy for as long as I can remember, though the spelling has changed over the years!

2) I’m 24 and a March baby. Probably why I love spring.

3) I’ve lived in the same town all my life.

4) I’m a southerner but all my family originally are from up north.

5) York is my favourite city, and although I am a country girl through and through, York is where I go when I need to escape.

6) I didn’t drive on the motorway for almost a year after passing my test.

7) I’ve been around horses since I was 6, and got my own when I was 18.

8) I’m a horse owner but haven’t ridden in years.

9) I studied animal management at college, worked with dogs for 6 years, and then completely changed my career and did a year in sales.

10) I bought my dog without telling my Dad, he thought we were looking after it for a friend for a few weeks. He didn’t talk to me for a few days, and still insists he hates her but it’s a good story to tell!


11) I’m an introvert, I’m happy with my own company a lot of the time.

12) I am beyond grateful for the support network that I have around me. I appreciate ‘my people’ more than they realise.

​13) Photography is the one thing I have stuck at and have a passion for. When I was growing up I tried different styles of dance and I learned to play the piano and cello, hated and was awful at all of them!

14) I am nothing like the rest of my family. They are teachers and accountants and very academic. I couldn’t wait to get out of education and am much more creative. Sometimes it can feel like I really don’t fit in.

15) One of my biggest goals is to own my own home. (A long way off if I am to buy down south!)

16) I value my friendships so, so much. My social circle has completely changed this year and I feel all the better for it.

17) I have never taken a course or studied photography, I am completely self-taught.

18) I’m always tempted to get a small tattoo but have never been brave enough.

19) I’m a big advocate for ‘positive mind, positive life’.

​20) I haven’t travelled the world much, but I love exploring the UK and am making some exciting plans for 2019.

21) My anxiety held me back for years. It wasn’t until this year that I have tackled it. I still struggle, but I can manage a hell of a lot better than I used to be able to.

22) My favourite thing to do in the summer is take late night trips to the horses field and watch the sun set there.

23) I am super sentimental. I keep all my cards and letters and often spend time looking back at old photos.

24) I’m only 5ft3 and I look way younger than I am!

So there’s 24 facts about 24 year old me!


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