A little trip to Wales.

At the end of August I went on one last mini break before we wave goodbye to summer for this year. This time I took a 4 hour drive to the north of Wales to stay with my friend Rachel in Colwyn Bay.

I’ve visited Wales a couple of times, but it has always been in the south. Rachel moved up to Colwyn Bay from Hertfordshire earlier this year, and when she told me she was settled in her new house I couldn’t wait to visit.

Rachel has the most gorgeous 3 year old welsh mare called Libby, so of course while I was visiting I had to get some snaps of her. Having backed her earlier on in the year, Rach has turned her away for a few months while she got settled in Wales and Libby then joined her not long ago.

First off, can we just talk about how Rachel has the most stunning views from her yard?! I was saying that I would have no problem riding everyday if the view from my arena looked like that!


Rachel has just started bringing Libby back into work and for now is just doing some groundwork with her. For a 3 year old, she is very well behaved but Rach was saying that she would like her to grow and develop a little more before getting her going with ‘real’ work. She did do her first set of trotting poles with us that evening, which really accentuated her stunning welshy trot, and she has a lovely little jump too.

 I am so excited to see how Rach produces this lovely little mare. Considering Rach said she used to be ‘feral’, I think she has done a pretty good job already! I have seen her produce other youngsters in the past and she’s always done a brilliant job with them. I am sure Libby will be no exception.

I am certain that I will struggle to find a yard at a more beautiful location than this. I have totally fallen in love with Wales all over again (I mean, can you blame me?!), and I am going to be going back ASAP!


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