Gail & Gold.

Last Sunday I met up with Naomi (NL Equestrian) once again for another lesson and shoot afternoon. This time though, Noami came over to my neck of the woods for the first time. I’ll admit, I’m not that fussed about my town, but it was fun to show Naomi a small part of the place where I grew up.

Our lesson was with an old friend of mine called Gail, and her beautiful arab cross gelding named Gold. He is literally a real life Barbie pony! I’ve known Gail for most of my life, originally meeting her when I was 8. Both myself and her daughter Liv grew up at the same stables and we were thick as thieves, and Gail was like a second mum to me. Fast forward a good few years (more like 10 years!), we kept Zach and her two ponies at the same yard for a while. However I hadn’t seen Gail in a couple of years so I was really looking forward to catching up.

When we arrived at Gail’s yard Naomi literally shrieked in excitement when she saw the beautiful palomino standing in front of us. After a bit of a chat and a catch up, Naomi had got an idea of what Gail wanted to gain from the lesson and I could tell she had a plan in place. I always find it so interesting watching Naomi, I can see her putting a plan together in her head while having a conversation with the student and I just love watching her work. Everything she says always make SO much sense!


Gold is recovering from an injury, so Gail isn’t riding him at the moment. However she told us that she wants to get him confident going out hacking on his own so that is what the lesson was based around. We started in the field and Gail showed Naomi some things they’d been working on and this let Naomi get a better picture of what Gold was like. Naomi helped in getting Gold to walk at Gail’s pace and not the other way around, and also showed Gail how to give him confidence when he was doing the right thing.

The second half of the lesson was spent out of the yard. We took a 10 minute walk down the lane and entered onto lots of lovely open fields. I was saying that I couldn’t believe I’d never been there before, as it’s literally 15 minutes down the road from my house. Those fields then led into some gorgeous woods which were so quiet, which was lovely considering I’m used to woods full of other horses and dog walkers.


The whole time we were out we were all chatting away and Naomi was giving tips throughout. Both Gail and Gold were super confident, we came across off lead dogs, cyclists, children with scooters and people gardening. Gold didn’t bat an eyelid at any of it. Gail said a few times that neither of them have been this confident without other horses being with them in a long time.

Of course throughout the whole lesson I was snapping away, taking far more pictures that I needed to. But can you blame me, when I had the prettiest pony as my model?! When we got back to the yard, Gail turned Gold out and we all spent some time chatting all things horses. One of my favourite things about what I do is meeting like minded people. We probably could have gone on chatting for hours, but me and Naomi had a pub to get to! 😉

I had such a lovely afternoon to round off the best summer ever. It was brilliant to be able to catch up with an old friend, and introduce her to one of my newest friends. I’m going to be writing a blog post about this summer I think, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. If you’d like to see more photos of the gorgeous Gold, then head on over to my Facebook page.


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