Prepping for your shoot.

I know that for a lot of you, booking a shoot is a big deal. Trust me, I completely understand how you feel! So I’ve put some tips together to help you feel more prepared and relaxed.

  • Pick the location. Most people have their shoot at their yard which is perfect. But have a look around, what kind of background would you like? Fields, stables, a nice building, the list goes on. We don’t need acres and acres of rolling fields to make a nice backdrop, so don’t worry if you have limited space.
  • Think about what type of photos you would like. This can vary from in hand, ridden or even the black background style. It’s good to think about this in advance and then we can plan outfits and locations from there.
  • Decide what you want to wear. Do you want a casual, every day look, or something more formal in a dress and heels? Do both if you can’t decide, just let me know in advance so we can factor in time for you to get changed.
  • Decide what you want your horse to be wearing. Are you going to be riding? Do you want some in hand photos? Bridle or headcollar? If you’re going to be wearing a nice dress, then having them looking smart and plaited up looks good.

As the date of the shoot gets closer there’s a few things you can do to make the actual day go more smoothly.

  • By now you should have a rough idea of the type of images you would like, so I would suggest trying on outfits a couple of days before hand. This is better than just chucking them on on the day and panicking if it doesn’t look right!
  • Of course our horses always look better once they’ve had a good pamper. So a bath the day before (especially if they are grey!) is good, and maybe tidy up their mane and tail if this is something you normally do. Of course don’t give them a drastic haircut if you usually keep them natural! If you are going to be clipping them, I would suggest doing this about a week or so before hand.
  • Clean your tack. It doesn’t have to be sparkling clean, but clean tack can make all of the difference.
  • On a similar note, clean your boots. If you are going for a smart look, smart, shiny boots really complete the look.

Remember that on the day we can’t predict the type of mood that your horse will be in, but do not panic! Us photographers are good at capturing the split second that your horse is looking at you or has it’s ears forward. If they need to move their feet around in between shots we will let them, after all they don’t understand why they are having to pose for a camera! Plus, sometimes it’s fun to have a couple of outtakes.

If you need some inspiration for styles of photos or outfit looks, then Google and Pintrest are wonderful places! We will of course discuss everything when you book as well, but if you have any additional questions I am only a message away.

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