Random acts of kindness.

I feel like this was a ‘thing’ a few years ago. I remember suddenly seeing a lot of posts going around social media about people who were doing random acts of kindness but as is everything on social media, it was a phase and soon fizzled out.

It’s one of those things that you see or hear about and think ‘yeah that’s a great idea. I must do that’, but honestly how many of us actually do it? Because I never do. Which is silly because I know if someone surprised me with a random act of kindness it would make my day and I wouldn’t forget it.

This week I finally surprised a friend and I wanted to share it.

It was her birthday a few months ago and I got some of her favourite photos printed with the plan of giving them to her as a (slighty late) birthday gift. She lives over an hour away from me but we had plans to see each other not that long after her birthday. However as always, life happened and plans kept needing to be changed and her late birthday present was going to be given to her later and later.

Untitled design-2.png

I only once mentioned in passing that I had a little something for her, so hoping that she had forgotten this I packaged up said photos and popped them in the post to her this week along with a little surprise/ happy birthday/ thank you note. When I got the message to say she had received the photos it made my heart so happy.

She loved her surprise parcel and I know that it really cheered her up and it totally made my day. I guess I’d always thought that a random act of kindness had to be some sort of big deal or cost a lot of money but this proved how wrong I was. I was sat eating my lunch at work when her message popped up and I suddenly realised I had the biggest smile on my face (probably looked a bit odd had anyone seen).

Really all I am trying to say, is do a random act of kindness. You hear it all the time about how it makes not only them feel good, but you too. It’s true! Knowing I had made someone’s day completely turned my day around too. It doesn’t have to be to a stranger, it doesn’t have to be a lavish gesture. Some people (me included) appreciate something tiny like a hand written note. Just letting someone know that you are thinking of them can completely change someones day/ week/ month. Plus, they might do the same for you one day!

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