Dani & Stirling

I had two shoots booked in for last Sunday and first up was Dani and her lovely boy Stirling.

Dani is Naomi’s best friend, and I’d met her a few times at Naomi’s fun days over the summer. I’d heard plenty of stories about Stirling so was really looking forward to meeting the dude. Dani contacted me back in August to book her shoot and we deliberately scheduled it so we could capture the beautiful autumnal colours. We originally had it booked in for the beginning of October, but when the date rolled around heavy rain was forecast all day. We rescheduled to last weekend and we had the most gorgeous day, despite it being bitterly cold!

Dani has had registered Fell gelding Stirling (or Tottermire Joshua if we’re feeling fancy!) since 2011 and says he is a happy, kind hearted, loving and sensible little pony. After meeting him, I can say that is the perfect description of him!

When I arrived at the yard (which is the most hidden away yard i’ve ever been to!) I saw Stirling stood on the yard, ears pricked forward looking very chilled and he stayed just as calm throughout the whole shoot.


Dani told me that now he is 24 he is enjoying an easier pace of life. He loves his groundwork, especially liberty, and Dani promised me I could come back in the spring to see him show off his skills. Dani was telling me that he is the type of pony who always wants to please, and will often whicker if he thinks there is a treat in your pocket.

We did have a little addition to our shoot in the form of Bluebell. She is Stirling’s best buddy and doesn’t like to be far from his side. She does however love to be the centre of attention it seems, as she spent the entire shoot charging around the field and sneaking in the background of the photos!

I had such a lovely afternoon with Dani. It had been a long time (well, a few months!) since I’d been in Northamptonshire so it was nice to get back there and finally meet Mr Stirling. I am so glad we had such gorgeous weather in the end too!

Naomi filmed the shoot for her vlog, so if you want to see us all in action (including Bluebell..) then click here to watch.


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