Naomi & General Knowledge.

If you don’t recognise this pair then you can’t pay much attention to my social media…!

General Knowledge (Ginger to his friends) is a 15 year old thoroughbred who has been owned by Naomi since June 2009. Having ‘known’ Naomi through the equine community for years, we finally met at the end of 2017 and following a very successful collaboration, Naomi and I have worked together a lot. I am NL Equestrian’s official photographer and what makes it work so well is that we have become such good friends. We are very much on the same page in all aspects of life, from our businesses to horses to our love of Christmas! That is why I was so excited to finally have a shoot with Naomi and her wonderful Ginger.

Ginger has more character than any horse I’ve ever met (as Naomi says, he is yet to grow up!), and these two definitely make the perfect match. He has a playful, cheeky and extremely comical character, and Naomi says that he makes her smile on a daily basis. I can 100% vouch for that, as I’ve met him a fair few times now and he has me laughing every time.

Sadly, he had to be retired from ridden work as 10 year old due to physical issues from his racing past, but that doesn’t slow him down! His favourite thing to do is run around, and his least favourite is standing still – he did so well to cooperate for his photoshoot. Saying that, this horse certainly loves the camera!

DSC_0973.jpgThis was definitely one of my favourite shoots that I’ve had the pleasure of doing. It had been planned for months and we were waiting for the perfect autumnal sunset, which we definitely got. It was so lovely to get some pretty photos for Naomi as all the others that we have got have been for her business. You will definitely be seeing more of this pair on my social channels in 2019, and this was the perfect way to round off a successful year of business collaboration.

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