Naomi & General Knowledge.

If you don't recognise this pair then you can't pay much attention to my social media...! General Knowledge (Ginger to his friends) is a 15 year old thoroughbred who has been owned by Naomi since June 2009. Having 'known' Naomi through the equine community for years, we finally met at the end of 2017 and... Continue Reading →

Prepping for your shoot.

I know that for a lot of you, booking a shoot is a big deal. Trust me, I completely understand how you feel! So I've put some tips together to help you feel more prepared and relaxed. Pick the location. Most people have their shoot at their yard which is perfect. But have a look... Continue Reading →

Gail & Gold.

Last Sunday I met up with Naomi (NL Equestrian) once again for another lesson and shoot afternoon. This time though, Noami came over to my neck of the woods for the first time. I'll admit, I'm not that fussed about my town, but it was fun to show Naomi a small part of the place... Continue Reading →

A little trip to Wales.

At the end of August I went on one last mini break before we wave goodbye to summer for this year. This time I took a 4 hour drive to the north of Wales to stay with my friend Rachel in Colwyn Bay. I've visited Wales a couple of times, but it has always been... Continue Reading →

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